• Miloš Stojanović University of Niš, Faculty of Economics, Niš
  • Marina Đorđević University of Niš, Faculty of Economics, Niš




Environmental taxes, revenues, Chile, Mexico, CO2 emission tax


Environmental taxes, as one of the economic instruments in solving environmental problems in modern conditions have a great significance. That significance they have primarily in developed countries, while in underdeveloped countries this is not the case. In тхе countrie that ис the subject of analysis in this paper, environmental taxation gradually becoming more and more important, what specifically indicates the beginning of taxing CO2 emission. Environmental taxes are more abundant in Chile, considering the share of these taxes in total tax revenues collected, compared to the average of OECD countries. The tax on CO2 emissions will start to be implemented from 2018, and beside the positive environmental impact that will have, it will also have a positive impact on the growth of revenue from environmental taxes, what will the Chilean government allow on the basis of these revenues to solve other problems in the country.


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