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Marina Jovović


Investment  funds are nonbanking financial institutions that collect savings of individual investors in order to invest capital on financial market. Тhey  take  market  because  banks  provide  high  returns, low  risik  and  high  liquidity. Extremely  great  importance  to  investment  funds  for  the  development  of  financial  markets, capital  markets  and  general  economic  development  of  the  country. In  developed market  economies  have  seen  a  huge  expansion  of  investment  funds. They  have  become  a  real  financial  gigants  with  a  huge  net  assets. The importance of investment  funds  in  developed  financial  markets  and  their  role  in  innovating  investments   is  very  significant, and therefore  interesting  from  the  aspect  of  potentially  giving  impetus  to  the  developing  countries  financial  market  development an overall  economic  growth.


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